• Model: ACT-BSH200
  • Manufactured by: Benchmark
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Biological Monitoring Start-Up Kit

Our 24 Hour System is one of the most cost-effective method to test In-Office Hour Kit.

Convenient for busy clinics, health facilities and community care providers.

Comparable to all brands including Attest® and ProTest - Meets all government regulations & guidelines 

Failed tests are easy-to-interpret - 9mm wide and incubates between 57-62°C

Incapable of cross-contamination

Fits existing dry block incubators 

Convenient & easy-to-use

14-18 month expiry dates 

Inoculated with millions of G. Bacillus spores

Process indicator on BI changes color once sterilized

100% accurate Self-contained biological indicator (BI) for use in Steam sterilization processes.

Each test is made up of a plastic container with cap, a crushable glass ampoule inside with recovery media, and a paper strip inoculated with spores.

In-Office Instructions

Instructions:  Place the test ampoule in the center of sterilizer load, run normal sterilizer cycle, crush the ampoule and incubate it for 24 hours. A control test is recommended. Crush the control test and place the in the incubator next to the sterilized test.

Results:  No color change (negative result), means test passed - no growth occurred. The control test should turn yellow (positive result) to show the biological spores are still alive.

Positive Results:  Color change to yellow or any turbidity in the sterilized ampoule indicates a positive test (sterilizer failure). Immediate retesting is required. We recommend calling your sterilizer Repair Company in to look at the unit after two positive test results.

Biological Monitoring Test Kit inlcudes:

  • Incubator
  • 100 Biological Indicator Ampules
  • Ampule Crusher
  • Log Record Book

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