• Model: DC-MONO-20
Quantity :

10gr Monofilament with cardboard handle.

Package of 20.

Monofilaments are the most effective method of testing for loss of protective sensation (LOPS) in diabetic patients. Testing for LOPS is a key care component for avoiding diabetic foot ulceration.  In order to be effective, monofilaments must be standardized. These monofilaments use a proprietary polymer fiber that delivers 10 grams of force when bent to the point of flexion, which is the medical standard for screening for loss of protective sensation in the foot.

Monofilaments can be adversely affected by time, extreme temperature, and high humidity, and should therefore be stored appropriately at room temperature in a dry environment. Our monofilaments are designed to be used within 12 months after fabrication for best results, in order to comply with FDA guidelines.

See this video for more information.

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