• Model: DC-CH537
  • Manufactured by: Bailey Instruments
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The Bailey Retractable Monofilament is a diagnostic device that consists of a monofilament mounted in a hand unit for protection when not in use.

The Bailey monofilament is renowned for it's longevity and consistency of accuracy of applied force, making it the ideal tool for detecting diabetic neuropathy.

Bailey monofilaments are not made from nylon and does not absorb atmospheric moisture.

Nylon alters in reaction with differing atmospheric humidity,consequently, the force applied will vary, leading to inaccurate diagnosis.

The antimicrobial efficacy of Duraban will last for the life time of the product and will not diminish through the cleaning process.

Tests show that the introdution of Durban in no way effects the longevity and reliability of the product.

The Bailey Accurate Monofilament is batch tested for consistent accuracy.

10gm Monofilament

Made in the UK

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