PREempt RTU DISINFECTANT 1L - Ready to Use (Formerly Accel TB)

  • Model: ACCRTU1L
  • Manufactured by: Virox
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**Note: This is a clearance product with an expiry date of March, 2020**

PREempt RTU Disinfectant - 1L

PREempt RTU utilizes AHP®, a patented synergistic blend of commonly used ingredients, that when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide dramatically increase its efficacy and cleaning performance. AHP combines hydrogen peroxide with surfactants, wetting and chelating agents to create an ideal one step cleaner/disinfectant.

AHP is a unique formulation that has the perfect balance between a fast contact time whilst maintaining cleaning efficacy. It also carries no hazard classification. PREempt RTU has a Broad-Spectrum Sanitizing Claim in 30 seconds (5 Log reduction against Vegetative Bacteria), Bactericidal (6 Log reduction against Vegetative Bacteria) and General Virucide (3 Log reduction Claim in 1 minute) and Tuberculocidal 5 minute kill claim. It contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs ) and leaves minimal residues on surfaces once dry.

Visit the manufacturer's website for resources and Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

Note: This product ships only in Canada

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