AUTOCLAVE TEST STRIPS - 500 per package

  • Model: ACT-C4-TWINS
Quantity :
Max: 5

Class 4 Chemical Indicators.

Sterilization Indicator Strips can be used either as an 8" strip or, when cut in half as a 4" strip.

The white indicator line changing to black gives visible proof  that saturated steam has fully penetrated the pack / pouch or load.

How to use a strip 8" strip: one end should be at the location considered to be the hardest for steam to reach.  The other end may project from contents to give indication that the contents have been processed 

The entire indicator line must be black.

Brown color indicates underprocessing and the contents must be reprocessed.

Gray color may be indication of overprocessing or wet steam.

How to use a 4" strip:  place entire strip within pack/pouch or load and follow above instructions for determining that saturated steam has fully penetrated the wrapper or load.

Complete color change in 3 to 3.5 minutes at 132-135°C and in 10 minutes at 121°C.

NOTE: Has two indicators per strip; can be divided into two, for total of 500 tests!

Approx. 10 cents per strip.

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