AURORIA Suction Intergrated Podiatry File

  • Model: NDE-AURORIA
  • Manufactured by: Hadewe

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Hadewe Auroria - Intregrated Vacuum Podiatry File with LED Light Source & Memory Settings

**Please Note: the product advertised in this listing may not be licensed in accordance with Health Canada Medical Device Regulations**

The new line of silent, low-weight hadewe units is setting a new standard for podiatry drills. Auroria is our first new-designed unit, and is equipped with many technical subtleties to ensure a secure and clean work.

The new units have a brushless suction motor, which is not only very silent, but also much lower in weight. It is a pleasure for your ears and your back.

There is a light source, which is directly implemented at the hand piece, and which allows for ideal work conditions even when the external light sources are insufficient.

You can save preferred pre-set speeds with the memory settings and use a knob, which is located at the end of the hand piece to access them directly.

The ergonomic hand piece is equipped with a light function, which is directly implemented in the hand piece, and allows for ideal work conditions even when the external light sources are insufficient.

There is a smart key at the bottom of the hand piece, which allows fast access to important functions. You can easily switch between pre-set speeds by pressing the key once, or turn the whole unit on/off by keeping it pressed.

The knob of the Quick Chuck Device, which allows you to change the tools easily and securely, has been made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). TPE is a soft material that makes it comfortable to use the knob.

Power Clamping System
The hand piece is equipped with a unique, patented clamping system. A chuck will open inside the hand piece by pressing the well-known hadewe knob forward. The instrument can now be entered into the unit without any resistance. This is especially important with smaller, sharp edged tools, since they can cause injury, if you need too much force to enter an instrument.
Pushing the knob back again will close the chuck, and the tool will be held very secure, even at high speeds. The tight grip also ensures the low-vibration running of the hand piece for which hadewe is famous. Conventional clamping systems with automatic clamping work with a mechanism in which rolls inside the hand piece wedge the instrument under pressure.
At these systems it is not possible to enter the instrument without resistance. The hand pieces with automatic clamping are also more sensitive to small deviations of tool tolerances. This will lead to higher vibration and poor holding force. That’s why the power clamping system is superior in many ways.

The 3 support jaws can be opened manually. This allows entering of the tools without resistance. It also prevents the tool from accidentally slipping out.

Ultra-Silent High Performance Suction
According to customer surveys a silent suction is one of the most important criteria for buying a unit. Eventually you want neither a high frequency squeaking, nor a dull humming to disturb you or your patient during the treatment. The motor itself as well as the quality of sound insulation are important factors for creating the optimal sound of a unit. Different kinds of insulating materials are further enabling the possibility of making a wide spectrum of noise frequencies more silent.

Regular suction turbines are working with so called brushless motors. The brushes are grinding on the turning engine shaft, and this wears them down in time. This conventional technology has been successfully implemented a thousandfold. Although it has the disadvantages of high brushes attrition as well as a larger and heavy construction.

The technology implemented in the Auroria and Veloria units is based on a technology without brushes. This method is for example also used in modern computer ventilators. The advantage is that there is no wear and tear at the motor, and that the whole unit is much lighter (almost 2 kg less).

Maintenance & Cleaning Easily Done
As soon as the display shows that a filter change is required, you only need to open the hatch at the side of the unit to replace the filter with a new one. The filter chamber is easily accessed and can be comfortably opened thanks to the magnet holders in the door.

The filter bags 5179 are classified as class M filters by the BIA (Germany’s Health & Safety Institute for the work environment), meaning they have a dust retention capacity of 99,9%. Please note that the conventional paper filters 5115 are not to be used with this unit.

Simple Cleaning of the Chuck
A simple and fast maintenance of the most basic components is one of the important qualities of the hadewe hand pieces. The chuck can be easily removed with the spanner tool delivered with every unit. Loosen the top of the hand piece, and then turn out the cuck. The whole procedure takes less than one minute.


  • speed: 6.000-40.000 rpm
  • maintenance-free brushless suction motor
  • modern, easy-to-clean membrane keyboard
  • extra large speed display
  • display information about: speed/left right direction,
  • suction level, date and time, filter change and date
  • of last inspection
  • 3 preferred speed steps saved and called
  • via program mode
  • regular and reverse switch (left/right)
  • works only with filter 5179 (not with 5115)

Hand piece

  • powerful LED-light at the top of the hand piece
  • maintenance-free, brushless hand piece motor
  • patented power clamping system
  • high torque, low vibration, silent running
  • suitable for all common burs of Ø 2,35 mm
  • two-fold sealing of the ball bearings

Technical Data

  • size: W 273 x H 142 x D 235 mm
  • (incl. exterior parts: W 313 x H 142 x D 235 mm)
  • suitable for all hadewe carry cases
  • total weight: 2.7 kg (6lbs)
  • voltage: 230V, 50 Hz, 230 W
  • noise level: 49 db (55 db at full throttle)
  • handpiece: Ø 19-25 mm, length: 144 mm, weight: 150 g