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pHeet Foot Wipes - 72PK


pHeet Antibacterial & Antifungal Foot Wipes refresh and rejuvenate dry, cracked, and flaky skin on your heels. pHeet wipes work against athlete’s foot, pH balance diabetic issues, foot fungus, psoriasis on feet and prevent foot odor. pHeet wipes are all natural and more effective than other home remedy treatments like tea tree oil, bleach, or apple cider vinegar for feet. pHeet moisturizing foot wipes refresh, restore, and clean feet to reduce or even eliminate foot odor. Use these wipes daily to eliminate foot odor caused by sweaty shoes, sandals, or exercise. pHeet pH specific foot wipes are naturally formulated to protect & restore the skin's natural acid mantle. The acid mantle is an effective form of protection, but if your pH level is too alkaline or too acidic, the mantle is disturbed and can result in skin conditions. pHeet Foot Wipes are scientifically designed and physician developed to rejuvenate and promote healthy skin. This synergistic formulation and its ability to clean and moisturize make it a revolutionary foot care product. These all natural foot wipes are an excellent health care product for anyone that sweats regularly, spends long period of time on their feet, or has a medical condition. Athletes, nurses, construction workers, members of the service industry, first responders, and diabetics among others benefit from using these wipes. No longer worry about foot health, damaged skin, or smelly shoes with this product. 


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