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Marly Skin Guard - 100ml

MARLY SKIN GUARD™ is a non-toxic, solvent free barrier foam, that can be used on both healthy and unhealthy skin, and dries within 3 minutes. It protects against skin irritations caused by wearing gloves and from exposure to other harmful and irritating substances. Best of all, unlike other barrier products, it is non-greasy, the skin breathes and perspires normally and it lasts over 4 hours even with frequent washing and sanitizing.

  • When protecting your hands, a walnut-size dollop (standard application) is sufficient
  • A 100mL can of Marly Skin Guard™ = 150 standard applications
  • Each application lasts over 4-hours, so a person will apply Marly Skin Guard™ twice a day: once before work, then again after lunch
  • A 100mL can should last a person around 75 x 8-hour workdays.
  • And at roughly 20 workdays per month, one can should last that person approximately 3.5 months