3M 1860 N95 MASK

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Important Note Regarding N95 and High Barrier Masks: We have been inundated with orders for N95 and High Barrier masks as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. As a result, all masks on our site are listed as "Out of Stock". If you are a foot care professional looking to order masks, please contact us directly. At this time, we will only be fulfilling mask orders for foot care professionals.

3M 1860 N95 Mask

The 3M Health Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical Masks 1860 includes a soft inner shell for greater comfort against the face and, because it's fluid resistant, the 1860 Surgical Mask aids in reducing the potential exposure of the wearer to blood and other body fluids. Meets CDC guidelines for TB exposure control. NIOSH-approved.

The 3M™ 1860 Health Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask is designed to help provide respiratory protection for the wearer. This product has a filter efficiency of 95% or greater against particulate aerosols free of oil (tested against a 0.3 micron particle -count median diameter- per 42 CFR 84.) The 3M 1860 Surgical Mask is fluid resistant, disposable and may be worn in surgery. The Surgical Mask can also fit a wide range of face sizes.

20 masks per box.

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