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Rotatool Bur Kit 

This is a great starter kit that provides 4 of the most popular Rotatool diamond and carbide burs as well as an abrasive cap.

The kit includes:

  • RT429M Diamond bur ideal for thinning and filing of lateral nail folds.
  • RT509M Carbide bur ideal for smoothing tough nails. Use for fast removal of think nails.
  • RT501NEQ Carbide precision round head bur (8 blades) used to nucleate corns, hollow out lesions, and IPKs.
  • RT478C Diamond bur ideal for quick and delicate removal of grooves and rhagades as well as getting ride of periungual calluses. Great general nail care bur.
  • RT343M with Holder - Medium abrasive cap and holder. Disposable cap used to clean heel and effective removal of hard calluses.



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