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This well-organized, 171 page comprehensive text will assist nurses to assess clients in regards to general foot status and to identify and understand the causes, prevention, care and treatment of various foot care conditions. It describes factors that put the foot at risk, with special emphasis on persons with diabetes. It explains foot care within the scope of nursing practice and it outlines the requirements of establishing a private practice.

This text would be of interest to nurses considering working in the foot care field, nurses already in the foot care practice and instructors of foot care courses. It would be an excellent reference for health care agencies and for nursing education faculties.

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Foot: Describes the history, symbolism and unique characteristics of the human foot. Helps the reader develop an appreciation of the foot.

Chapter 2: Anatomy and Physiology - Provides an overview of the structure and function of the foot. Introduces the reader to the phases and factors affecting gait. Details the changes that occur in an aging foot.

Chapter 3: Structural Disorders

Chapter 4: Nail Disorders

Chapter 5: Skin Disorders - Provides a description of the disorders, care and treatment options and nursing implications.

Chapter 6: The High Risk Foot - Outlines factors that put the foot at risk. Covers such topics as the changes that occur in the diabetic foot and the implications for preventative care and treatment.

Chapter 7: Foot Care Procedures - Describes nursing foot care procedures, foot assessment and charting, client teaching and infection control measures. Details necessary equipment, supplies and instruments.

Chapter 8: Foot Health - Covers such topics as footwear, orthoses, foot exercises, other foot care providers, the nurses's role as a community foot care professional.

Chapter 9: Nursing Practice - Nursing standards, implications for the self-employed nurse and factors involved in establishing a private practice are covered.

About the Author

Susan Tremble is a private practice foot care nurse in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada.

Prior to becoming a foot care nurse, Susan worked extensively in health care administration in Ontario and British Columbia.

She teaches nursing foot care courses at various university-colleges throughout B.C. As well, she has provided foot care educational programs for provincial and federal health agencies. Students from throughout B.C., other provinces and the U.S.A. have attended her courses.

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