PREempt WIPES - 160 wipes

  • Model: ACCTB160
  • Manufactured by: Virox
Quantity :

Max: 2

**Limit of 2 per customer**

PREempt Wipes (160PK)

Surface Cleans and Disinfects, kills pathogens as well as removes them.

PREempt Wipes are designed for use as an intermediate level disinfectant in higher medical risk environments such as (but not limited to) burn units, ICU’s, CCU’s, neonatal units, blood services, hemodialysis,emergency services, laboratories, foot care and spas where the requirement for broad-spectrum germicidal performance in short contact times is required. 

PREempt Wipes are specifically formulated for cleaning and disinfection of higher degree of care surfaces and non-critical medical devices and equipment. PREempt Wipes can also be used to disinfect some semi-critical surfaces and devices such as thermometers (CCDR Vol.2458) and the surfaces of physiotherapy tubs that may be exposed to non-intact skin.

160 wipes per tub

Visit the manufacturer's website for resources and Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

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