CREST PAD FOR HAMMERTOE - Medium for Right Foot

  • Model: GP-65-CREST-R
Quantity :

Max: 20

Gel Hammertoe Crest Pads help relieve pain caused by hammer, claw or mallet toes.

These painful conditions cause toes to curl under and lose the ability to straighten out.

Gel Hammertoe Crest Pads offer soft support for sore hammertoes.

A single gel toe loop holds this buttress pad in place.  Gently place loop over 2nd or 3rd toe.

Suggested to  hand wash and let air dry.

Do not use detergent, dish soap or bleach.

Pad measures 2 ½ inches and can be trimmed to fit.

Medium:  Women's shoe size 7-9  Men's shoe size 6-8

One pad per package.

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