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Hydrocolloid blister plasters relieve blister pain instantly.

Package contains 3 sizes of plasters (2 of each size).

When shoes rub, causing the first layers of skin to be removed a blister to form, Compeed acts like a second skin to:

  • Protect and cushion from rubbing to relieve blister pain instantly.
  • Repel water, dirt and germs to help prevent infection.
  • Stay firmly in place for several days, allowing your skin to rapidly repair itself. 

Always read the product information before use. At the first sign of rubbing to prevent blisters.

On existing blisters to relieve pain and accelerate healing.

Diabetics: consult doctor before use.

Ingredients: Artificial Elastomer, Tackifier resins, hydrocolloid particles (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) Plasticiser, Polyurethane film.

6 Plasters.

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