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PBS diamond burs have diamond crystals bonded directly to a one piece hardened stainless steel shank through the PBS bonding process.

PBS Burs have a uniform distribution of diamond crystals permitting smoother grinding and faster cutting. Diamond crystals are placed precisely and evenly at the tops and corners of all PBS Bur shapes.

These Burs last longer and cut faster because of this unique process. Other diamond instruments are electroplated which creates only a mechanical locking of the diamond to the shank. In time this will cause the diamond particles to fall off.

PBS Burs actually wear smooth before the diamond crystals pull out. A convenient kit of five nail and callus skin burs.

All diamond burs are fitted with a 3/32" shaft which are compatible with all rotary tools manufactured for foot care and podiatry.

Includes one each: Barrel, Pear, Short, Taper, Umbrella


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