Susol - Single Use Instruments

We are pleased to offer the Susol ™ Single Use Instruments line from Bailey Instruments (UK). They are leaders in the National Health System in England for providing Single Use Instruments for podiatry.

Susol single use instruments offer efficient sterility to the point of care each and every time. 

With the increasing cost of autoclaves, instrument cleaning, processing, sterilization and compliance, single use instruments offer a solution for many small to medium foot care practices. There are even high volume podiatry clinics that have chosen to work exclusively with single use instruments in an effort to maximize efficiency.

The Benefit of Susuol Single Use Instruments:

  • Assured compliance with Provincial/State health authorities for instrument reprocessing
  • No autoclave to purchase
  • No chemicals to dispose of
  • No biological testing required
  • No wait time for reprocessing
  • No time spent cleaning and eprocessing instruments
  • All instruments are wrapped, sterile, and ready to use
  • Lower environmental impact - 40% less steel used/decreased packaging

Susol™ Single Use Instruments...sterile to the point of care every time!

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