Featured Autoclave - Enbio S

Enbio S Autoclave - Swiss made B class air-removal (pre-vacuum) autoclave.

The perfect addition to any foot care practice!

This small, but mighty unit offers quality, speed, and a spacious design that can accommodate up to 8 pouches per load!

The perfect addition to any foot care business, making reprocessing fast and efficient.

  • Quality - Ensure the highest quality of safety for you and your clients with Swiss technology
  • Speed - Enbio S is the fastest sterilizer on the market
  • Spacious - Save time and sterilize several pouches at the same time
  • Quiet - Enbio S produces less noise than a standard coffee maker!
  • Automatic - No more saving and printing. Load reports are automatically saved on the inserted USB stick
  • Intuitive - No programming. No logging in. Sterilization in just two steps

Cost - $3,899 + tax and shipping

Weight - 15kg (33lbs)

Dimensions - 56cm x 25cm x 16cm

Maximum Process Temperature - 137 celsius / 278 fahrenheit

View the Enbio S Product Brochure for full specifications.

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