Eastern & Central Ontario

Sandra Hric, Long Sault, 1.613.534.3717, smesman_6@msn.com

Sharlene Fawcelt,  Mountain, Soul Comfort,  1.613.989.2550, sharlene-fawcelt@yahoo.ca

Linda Evans, Kingston,  1.613.546.5995, ninace72@gmail.com

Cheryl McDonald, Kanata, 1.613.592.5649, cheryl.mcdonald@sympatico.ca

Mary Jan Rocque, Ottawa, 1.613.747.2259, mjrocque@gmail.com

Ines Lopes, Integrity Footcare, Ottawa, 613.240.8376, integrityfootcare@rogers.com, integrityfootcare.weebly.com

Kathy Kelly, Ottawa, 1.613.227.3634, kelly.footcare@outlook.com

Tiredsole - Advanced Diabetic Foot Care, In Home Foot Care / Facility Clinics, Ottawa, 613.614.2204

Gabriella Varga RN BN(C) ENC(C), Sweet Feet Mobile Foot Care, Ottawa,  1.613.219.1945 www.sweetfeetmobile.vpweb.ca

Sue McCarthy, Westport, 1.613.273.3051, salem@rideau.net

Michelle DeGrandmont Rpn FCN, Soft Soles Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care, Almonte to Orleans, 1.613.621.0012
Mjdegrandmont@gmail.com  or Softsoles.ca

Cindy Ladouceur, Cindy's Quality Foot Care, 2 Sussex Place, Brockville,  Business:  1.613.489.1030

Sharon Horton RPN FCN Advanced Diabetic Care. Bilingual, Ottawa East, Rockland  1-613-612-1710. sharonfootnurse@gmail.com 

Kelsie Maynard - Serenity Valley Medi-spa, 254 Franktown Cemetery Rd, Beckwith, ON K7A 4S7 - 1-613-283 9057  serenityvalleyspa@gmail.com


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