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Thermo Abrasive Caps by Lukas: A breakthrough for diabetic foot care!

As an innovative, international manufacturer, LUKAS employs the advanced thermo technology to its abrasive caps: The patented colour change immediately signals a potential danger of overheating. Users and patients gain an enhanced level of safety.

With the colour-change technology, the colour change occurs in two steps to provide a timely warning of potential skin overheating. The foot care professional can react immediately by reducing the pressure, choosing a different skin area or briefly interrupting the treatment. The patient experiences a comfortable treatment without any discomfort or pain. The risk of skin damage due to overheating is almost eliminated.

Diabetic patients will particularly embrace this technological progress in medical foot care as they often suffer from neuropathy, leading to a reduced perception of temperature and pain. In the worst case, neither the user nor the patient may notice the high abrasive temperature early enough during the treatment, risking injuries or burns.

Furthermore, diabetes patients often show slow wound healing. Conventional instruments such as milling tools, diamond cutters, or scalpels always carry a risk abrasions or cuts, resulting in severe consequences for diabetes patients. With the state-of-the-art THERMO abrasive caps, these risks are minimized.

Further benefits:

  • Faster and more efficient treatment: Compared to conventional abrasive caps and instruments, the THERMO abrasive cap renders the treatment faster, more efficient, and gentler.
  • Better abrasion performance without cap replacement: Thanks to the anti-stick effect, attachment of skin particles to the cap surface is significantly reduced, and large quantities of callus can be removed with a single abrasive cap.
  • Sustainable, well-tolerated and eco-friendly: The use of food dyes, phenol- and formaldehyde-free resins, and organic cotton in the production of our abrasive caps reduces skin irritation and environmental damage.

Product features and advantages of the LUKAS Thermo abrasive cap

  • Patented world first
  • All product features and advantages of the popular Podo caps
  • In addition: An integrated 2-step color change signalizes the risk of overheating at an early stage and thus minimizes the risk of skin damage. Patients and users get more security.
  • Diabetic patients will welcome this technological advancement in medical foot care because of their impaired pain sensation.


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